Yoga and Mindfulness for Kids

Root 2 Rise Wellness has partnered with Growga.  Growga is an organization that brings yoga and mindfulness classes to adults and children of pre-school age to adolescence both virtually and in-person.  Melanie is offering classes virtually and in-person throughout the triangle area.  Classes are affordable and include elements of connection, breathwork, play, movement, and relaxation along with practical exercises Growgis take off the mat.  Contact us for more information or to discuss bringing Growga to your workplace, school, or facility.  

                                                  Why Growga?

Matthew Hickson, who heads Online Learning for Durham Public Schools, a Growga partner, has found:


Now more than ever it is important for our students and families to have access to resources that will allow them to thrive in a remote or hybrid learning environment. Our partnership with Growga emphasizes the importance of mental and physical well-being and drives home the valuable lessons learned beyond traditional instruction.” 

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