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Plant Talks

Plant Talk Fridays are awesome! Melanie brings all her wonderful energy to these Zoom sessions. Her love of plants is contagious.


– Jean R, Ithaca, N.Y.

I have really enjoyed taking part in Melanie's plant talk workshops. Her knowledge of plant medicine and how to forage for edibles is extensive and her enthusiasm infectious! Her upbeat personality and passion for plants makes the workshops both engaging and fun to take part in. Melanie has a hands on approach and demonstrates different techniques for making herbal infusions, tinctures, lotions and potions during the workshops.


-Shona M., Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.

Melanie is an amazing teacher and I am deeply grateful for the fun adventure that her classes have taken me on.  Her passion for plants and her creative, humorous approach to teaching helped me feel comfortable to experiment and make mistakes.  Due to Melanie's inspiring guidance, I've started making my own tinctures and flower essences and I've learned how happy I feel when I go outside to harvest.

- Jackie M. Newtown, C.T.

Herbalicious Kids

 I liked how the elderberry workshop was fun and engaging.


– Ryan Z., age 12, Newtown, C.T.

The kids had a blast and later identified goldenrod at the lake!

- Jessica R., Newtown, C.T.

Flower Essence Therapy

I had never heard of flower essences before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Now I am obsessed! The consultation was great. Melanie listened to the various things that were going on in my life and together we found a common theme and from there she was able to recommend a blend flower essences that would suit my specific needs. She put together a mantra for me to use with the flower essences.The worries and fears that were coming up in relation to what I discussed with Melanie have subsided. I feel amazing and am so grateful for Melanie!  

-Michaela K., Stratford, C.T.

 I have experienced Melanie's plant talk classes, her Ayurveda class, and an Emotional Breakthrough Session.  It is always a pleasure to listen to her passion and excitement about plants and their healing benefits.  Melanie is not only a passionate and informative speak but also an amazing listener.  She helped me think more deeply about myself in our consult and I loved my essence tailored to my needs.  I highly recommend joining her for all her plant adventures!

-Yana P., Valparaiso, I.N.

Adult Wellness

This was my first introduction to Ayurveda and Melanie presented enough information to really generate my interest in learning more.  I look forward to future workshops.

-Tony, L. Brooklyn, N.Y.

Melanie's workshop on Ayurveda was fantastic! She covered all the bases in a fun and interactive way, although not all of Ayurveda can be explained in a hr and a half- Melanie did a great job teaching and encouraging us to try out some Ayurvedic techniques in our daily lives! 

- Elora A. New Milford, C.T.

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