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What people are saying about our offerings

Health Coaching

Melanie's breadth of knowledge allows you to go any direction you’d like on your journey.  She taught me everything from preparing healthy meals to medicinal foods and herbs, fermentation, sprouting, different forms of yoga, and meditation. Her demeanor is very calming and inviting.  As long as you are willing to participate and actually put in effort between sessions, there is no way to fail at improving your health and developing new positive habits. If you’re interested in getting healthy from a holistic perspective, I highly recommend Melanie as a health coach and overall lifestyle mentor.

-David, Denver Colorado

Plant Talk


Plant Talks are Awesome!! Melanie brings all her wonderful energy to these zooms.  Her love of plants is contagious!


– Jean Ithaca New York

I have really enjoyed taking part in Melanie's plant talk workshops. Melanie's knowledge of plant medicine and how to forage for edibles is extensive and her enthusiasm infectious! Her upbeat personality and passion for plants makes the workshops both engaging and fun to take part in. I highly recommend her classes to anyone with an interest in learning more about plant intelligence and who would like to connect with other plant lovers. Melanie has a hands- on approach and demonstrates different techniques for making herbal infusions, tinctures, lotions and potions during the workshops. I have loved being part of this friendly and informative plant community.


-Shona, Scotland. 

Herbalicious Kids

I liked how [the elderberry workshop] was fun and engaging.


– Ryan 12 years old, Newtown Connecticut

Flower Essences

The Flower essence consultation was great! Melanie listened to my needs and came up with a unique flower essence blend specific to my issues. I loved receiving it in the mail with the mantra to recite as I took the essence.  The worries and fears I was experiencing have subsided. I feel amazing and am so grateful for Melanie! 

- Michaela K. Hawaii

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