Prebiotic Tea Blend for Gut Health

This is a magical tea that includes carminative herbs that soothe gas and bloating, prebiotic herbs that feed good bacteria, herbs that soothe and coat the intestines thereby decreasing inflammation and promote healing, and herbs that reduce reflux and are anti-inflammatory. Marshmallows used to be made from marshmallow root but is no longer. You can actually make marshmallows from the root. It is also healing mucilaginous medicine for coating the gut lining.

* Disclaimer: Although this is a very healing tea, it isn't for everyone. We are all unique in our needs. When using licorice root caution should be taken for those who suffer from high blood pressure. Marshmallow and slippery elm may not be tolerated in large amounts by those with an overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine. Caution with this tea should be taken if pregnant. Listen to your body's wisdom. Proportions could be adjusted depending on your unique needs.

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