Cranberry Probiotic Rich Veggie Kraut


· 1 head white cabbage shredded (if small include 2 heads)

· 1 head purple cabbage shredded (if small include 2 heads)

· 5-6 thinly sliced carrots

. 4 finally shopped celery stalks

· 1 garlic head minced

· 1 inch piece ginger minced

· 1 small red onion

· 1 beet shredded

· 1 tablespoon Sea Salt

· 2 of your favorite probiotic capsules opened and dissolved in 2 tablespoons luke warm filtered water.

· ½ cup thawed frozen or fresh cranberries

· 1 tablespoon caraway seeds


1) Begin adding the shredded and finally chopped ingredients to a large bowl. You will need one large enough for you to get your hands in there and press/mash down on the ingredients.

2) Start mixing and pressing the ingredients until you release its’ juices. This will take work and is good exercise!

3) Add the rest of ingredients and keep mashing! Taste to make sure you like it before it ferments.

4) Once a good deal of liquid is released move to a gallon sized glass jar or pot. Keep mashing the kraut down as you add more little by little into the storage container. The liquid should rise above the kraut (if not mold could form).

5) Once it is submerged in liquid and all in the container, press a plate or heavy object on top to add pressure and cover. Leave out and open to air it out after about 3 days, you can mix and taste it. Cover and let sit for another 3 days or so. The readiness will depend on your taste buds and temperature of the environment. Usually mine is done in a week!

You will notice this kraut to be nice and crunchy; who wants saggy kraut anyway?! Feel free to play around and add whatever vegetables you have such as leafy greens, sea vegetables, or even apple. Also, add whatever spices you enjoy. Experiment, have fun, and get the family involved! It’s always delicious and a great way to get natural pre and probiotic into your gut! Start small, a teaspoon with a meal and notice how you feel. If it feels positive, increase to a tablespoon. If negative with a lot of gas and bloating resulting, then eliminating fermented foods may be a good option for you at this time, and starting with a probiotic and/or prebiotic supplement. If you need more guidance I invite you to book a complimentary 30 minute consult!

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