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Health Benefits of MCT Oil

MCT oil is a medium chain fatty acid. It is found in coconut oil but MCT oil is more concentrated and high in MCTs. Coconut oil

is a source of MCT containing 62 to 75% of the fatty acid. MCT converts to ketones in the body which are burned as fuel rather than stored as fat. They are easily digested and studies show support a healthy metabolism and helpful for those suffering from leaky gut, or other metabolic disturbance issues such as Chron's disease, gall bladder issues, or difficulty digesting fats. Studies also show the MCTs supporting heart health as well as being helpful with memory issues such as those that present in Alzheimer's. Disorder. MCTs are also shown to aid in the absorption of vitamins and nutrients found in foods such as beta-carotene, calcium, and magnesium.

Although MCT is a saturated fat, our brain is made up of nearly 60% fat and needs healthy fat to function properly. The term "low fat" has gotten a lot of notoriety but may not in fact be what we all need but rather good fat with a whole foods balanced diet (of course with a variety depending on individual needs). It isn't about eliminating all fat but rather bad trans and hydrogenated fats.

For those with gall bladder issues being careful with fat quantities and taking supplemental supports is often suggested but again the fat a person consumed whether presenting with gall bladder issues or not is recommended to be of good quality.

According to #1 Best selling author of Toxic, Physician Neil Nathan suggests that a combination of MCT oil and coconut oil reduces brain inflammation. He reports mixing 16 ounces of MCT oil with 12 ounces of coconut oil (first liquifying the oil in a double boiler for example) and consuming 1/2 teaspoon increasing to 2 tablespoons 3 times a day with the last dose before bed improves brain health as well as support patients suffering with hypoglycemia.

MCTs are also known for killing bad bacteria such as the streptococcus virus as they are anti-microbial in nature. Research supports MCTs controlling the bodies inflammatory responses. In addition, MCTs can also be used in cooking as they have a high smoke point. They also contain anti-oxidant properties.

For purchasing coconut oil look for unrefined and organic. For purchasing MCT oil, I recommend organic such as * for those who cannot have coconut, MCTs can also be derived from palm kernel oil; however, there is much controversary over this use for sustainability reasons. Smaller amounts of MCTs are found in grass fed butter, milk, full-fat, yogurt, and cheese. Since we all have different needs I work with patients to understands best foods for their body via listening to their bodies wisdom. Complimentary 30 minute consults are offered should you need individual guidance to reach your health goals.


Neil Nathan, Toxic, pgs 176 and 177

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