Flower Essences: A Homeopathic Way to Use Plants for Healing Emotionally and Beyond.

Did you know that emotions are the primary way I work with clients to help them heal their gut? How we digest food is often about how we digest life and process emotions. I have learned this first hand going on restrictive diets and not really getting to the root of it all. Flower Essences are really special way of supporting us to move through difficult times, help balance and instill positive virtues when we need it. They have no smell unlike essential oils. They are a very different medicine where only a small bit of flower is needed to make them versus essential oils where pounds are needed to make a small bottle which is highly concentrated. Flower essences (or remedies which they are often referred to) have no smell. Their energy is preserved in flower water in a careful process you can read more about in my resources section of this web site. Take a look at these 3 flower essences and their healing potentials along with affirmations that go along with each flower essence. I work with over 50 essences from my studies in Costa Rica, from the Bach Flower Essences, and self made essences. A picture below shows me in the process of making remedies while setting an intention for healing. If you would like a custom blend for support, contact us.

1) White Chestnut

Are you stuck in your thoughts, reliving past events in your head, unable to sleep because of racing thoughts? Do you tend towards anxiety and worry?

Positive Virtue: This Essence redirects energy from the brain. It helps with gaining awareness in the solar plexus gut area and the heart. It helps produce feelings of calm, spaciousness, and improved mental state.

Affirmation stated with remedy: "It is safe for me to let go and let go. Feeling into my bodily sensations allows me freedom from my mind".

2) Pine

Are you a Perfectionist? Do you often feeling guilty and engaging in self-blame and self-criticism?

Positive Virtual: This essence instills self- acceptance and self-forgiveness

Affirmation: " I let go of needing to feel bad. I am perfectly imperfect and good enough as I am. I allow my shortcomings are part of my beautiful soul".

3) Agrimony

Do you experience difficulty with emotional honesty? Are you essentially hiding issues behind a happy smile?

Positive Virtue: This essence instills emotional honesty, inner peace, and the ability to transform inner pain to peace.

Affirmation: " It is safe for me to allow others to see who I truly am. By giving my inner pain a voice, I allow my body to heal".

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