A Tisket a Tasket, What's in Melanie's Basket?

Excited to see what is in my wild salad? Why eat wild? Because weeds have way more nutrients than cultivated food and they are resilient. Wouldn't you like to be resilient like weeds? Not to mention they are free food! Let's examine picture number 1. What are those long thin grass like things? Well they smell like onion and they are!! Growing wild these wild onions are like chives. Use your senses and try to spot the grass like plant (usually growing higher than grass). The picture right below that is Ivy-leaved speedwells. They have the cutest little blue like flowers. Fun way to add some color to your salad! Below that is chick weed which is high in vitamins and nutrients and super mild tasting. Next up is hairy bittercress. Don't let the name scare you as they are really great when they first come up with a mild-taste. Lastly is purple dead- nettle which you can see but it has purple flowers that are nice and sweet and a great addition to the salad. Purple dead- nettle often has purple flowers that are nice and sweet and great addition to the salad. You can saute these up with garlic and olive oil or any of these would also rock a pesto! How can you be certain you have the right plant? Observation, using your senses, going on plant walks with herbalists, and coming to my plant talk group where we discuss plant features! Always be mindful where you are picking please, pesticide free is good!

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