Plant Talks

Connecting people of all ages to their roots, nature, and healthy practices through conscious community. 

Your wellness answers are in your backyard! We talk to the doctor when we are sick but what about talking to plants? Here's the big secret, the plants in your backyard have many helpful answers!  They are the forgotten ones. In group we reconnect with our birthright, NATURE for our wellbeing and harmonious living. NOW is an important and critical time to return to ourselves and the earth for help and guidance.  Let us guide you in this reconnection process for your health and well-being! 

In our conscious community we learn the art of plant connection to connect to nature for improved wellness.  We will guide you on a plant journey to learn the forgotten wisdom that nature provides. Does all food have to be in a plastic bag with a sticker on it? Our ancestors would say no! Let's root to rise and re-connect with forgotten wisdom.  We offer plant-themed talks and workshops for the beginner or practicing plant enthusiast.  Classes are offered on the first Saturday of each month at 7PM to 8PM Eastern Standard Time virtually.  Workshops cover topics such as:

  • Plant identification

  • Plant preservation techniques 

  • Uses of medicinal herbs

  • Foraging for wild edibles 

  • Recipes for edible plants

  • Resources for furthering education

Cost is $39 for each 60 minute virtual class including a kit mailed right to your door with plant of the month samples to experiment with.  For a 3 month subscription plan visit here.  All participants receive detailed informational slides on topics covered along with the class recording. Reserve your spot here!

Sample clip from Plant Talk Group!

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