Emotional Breakthrough Consult

Connect to your Roots. 

Connect to Nature. 

Rise to your Highest Potential. 

At some point in all of our lives, we experience mental blocks, persistent emotional issues, stress, trauma, anxiety and low self-esteem. We tend to cope by pushing these issues away, burying them deep within ourselves. Flower Essence Therapy is a beautiful and powerful tool to help unlock and work through these issues to move in a positive direction. What are flower essences? Click here to find out more.  For instructions on how to make your own flower essences visit our resources page.  

Consults are offered in 50-minute sessions. During these sessions you will be guided through questioning to bring forth emotional issues. You will learn useful affirmations and practices to move you forward so you can rise to your highest potential.  We also work with parents or caregivers looking for a flower essence consult for a child.  Flower essences are being documented for their effectiveness with children with disabilities and have the power to assist children with disabilities and hyperactivity.  Find more information on this ground breaking work here.  

Each consult includes a unique 1 ounce formula of flower essence based on your needs.  

Cost is $85 per session, or $225 for a package of three ($75 each ). Each consult includes one preparation to take home valued at $15.  Shipping is not included.  Consults are being scheduled virtually.  We also offer a 15 minute free initial consultation to learn more about our sessions and determine how you would like to be supported.  If you would like a refill of a remedy with no consult please contact us. The cost of a remedy without a consultation is $15 plus shipping.  

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