About Me

Connect to your roots. 

Connect to Nature.

Rise to your Highest Potential. 

Root 2 Rise Wellness grew from my desire to help people live meaningful lives in connection with the natural world. I am a certified speech and language pathologist by trade, and worked with children in public schools, clinics, and in their home for 12 years. While I love my profession, I found within myself a deep longing to learn more about medicinal plants and explore a deeper connection with the earth. So, I enrolled in a 5-month program in Israel where I began my herbalism journey.  Following this life-changing experience, I knew I had found a new direction for my life. I went on to complete several more programs and apprenticeships in herbalism and health coaching to hone my passion, knowledge and skills. 

Out of my passion for plants and healthy, holistic living, I founded Root 2 Rise Wellness in 2020. I offer a variety of programs for both kids and adults that focus on topics such as mindfulness, yoga, emotional healing, Ayurveda, nutrition and plants, among others. My hope is that my clients will work through emotional blocks, connect with plants, nature, their roots, realizing the wonders of the plant world and that we can all grow and evolve together with plants.

The plant lover in me honors the plant lover in you,


Certifications and Trainings

  • Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching Certification, (Virtual Learning, January, 2013). 

  • Israel School of Herbal Medicine: 5-month training in foundational herbal medicine. (Aviezer, Israel, 2014).  

  • Moondance Botanicals: 3 month training in apothecary natural product making. (Denver, CO, 2018). 

  • Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism:  certificate in Botany completed including skills in positive plant identification, wild-crafting ethics, sustainable harvesting and preservation techniques (Lafayette, CO, June 2019). 

  • Twin Star Herbal Apothecary Apprenticeship and Mentorship.  6 month study including apothecary work, product and medicine making and class attendance in various herbal medicine preparation and training courses (New Milford, CT, December 2019). 

  • Twin Star Training in Shamonic Healing and Spirit Medicine.  75 hours earned in practices of ancestral connection, primitive skills, and the five directions (north, south, east, west, and the above) (New Milford, CT, December 2019). 

  • Twin Star Flower Essence Practitioner Certification: (Punta Uva, Costa Rica, March 2020).

  • Northeast School of Botanical Medicine Weekend Herbalism Program:  7 intensive weekends focused on plant identification and clinical herbalism skills (Ithaca, NY, November 2020).

  • Growga: Yoga and mindfulness for kids instructor certification: (virtual learning, November, 2020).  


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