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About Me

I help people with IBS understand their bodies to feel peace, calm, and digest food with ease!

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By 2013 I had become very sick with digestive, hormonal, and anxiety issues from years of living in disharmony internally and with the world around me.  One month after undergoing a 4 hour procedure to have a large fibroid removed, I dropped my job in New York and everything I knew; I headed to Israel on a one way ticket determined to change my life.  I ended up living in a refurbished chicken coop with strangers as we embarked on a journey to learn about plants together.  In this wild experience I learned lessons of independence, freedom, connection, family, my roots, strength, culture and so much more.  It wasn’t always easy but it was rich, life changing, and the best thing I have ever done for myself. 


That little girl who loved cooking sets and flower pressing has grown into teaching healthy cooking classes and I'm happy to say I still press and dry flowers.  Staying true to myself is something I continue to work with as societal, parental pressures and fear still creep in.  I have learned valuable lessons of working with my inner child and sitting with emotions rather than pushing them away and using techniques for moving through unhealthy thought patterns and habits thus alleviating IBS symptoms. The "work" never stops as I continue to evolve, learn, and follow the signs, my intuition, and dream big.  All this has lead me to you.  I have developed a program for helping those with IBS as I know the topic well.  You can book a complimentary session to see if my program is a fit for you.  I believe it is my purpose and mission to be a vessel for learning and connecting people of all ages to their roots, to nature, to live in harmony with the planet, and work through unhealthy patterns. 

Root 2 Rise Wellness was founded on this premise. I attract clients ready to work through issues to feel well, connect with plants, nature, and their roots to lead healthier lives.  I teach the wonders of the plant world and that we can all grow and evolve together aligned with nature. 

The plant lover in me honors the plant lover in you,


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Certifications and Trainings

  • Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching Certification, (Virtual Learning, January, 2013). 


  • Israel School of Herbal Medicine: 5-month training in foundational herbal medicine. (Aviezer, Israel, 2014).  


  • Moondance Botanicals: 3 month training in apothecary natural product making. (Denver, CO, 2018). 


  • Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism:  certificate in Botany completed including skills in positive plant identification, wild-crafting ethics, sustainable harvesting and preservation techniques (Lafayette, CO, June 2019). 


  • Twin Star Herbal Apothecary Apprenticeship and Mentorship.  6 month study including apothecary work, product and medicine making and class attendance in various herbal medicine preparation and training courses (New Milford, CT, December 2019). 


  • Twin Star Training in Shamonic Healing and Spirit Medicine.  75 hours earned in practices of ancestral connection, primitive skills, and the five directions (north, south, east, west, and the above) (New Milford, CT, December 2019). 

  • Twin Star Flower Essence Practitioner Certification: (Punta Uva, Costa Rica, March 2020).

  • Northeast School of Botanical Medicine Weekend Herbalism Program:  7 intensive weekends focused on plant identification and clinical herbalism skills (Ithaca, NY, November 2020).

  • Completion of Shift Network Course on Ayurveda for Strengthening your Immune System, Mind, Body, and Soul (virtual learning, September 2020)

  • Completion of Shirt Network Course on Tap into Your Vagus Nerve's Healing Power To Rewire your Nervous System for Optimal Health (virtual learning, September 2021)

From experience and education, I bring you what works to digest food with ease! Click below to book your complimentary 30 minute consult!

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