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 I help women with IBS understand their bodies to feel peace, calm, and digest food with ease!

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Meet Melanie 

I remember sitting in the library as a child listening to a story, Strega Nona.   A book literally meaning “Grandma Witch”.  She sings a magic song to stop pasta from overtaking a town.  She was known for her healing and medicine making abilities.  That girl, me, has grown but still connects with this character.  Like Strega Nona I am a witch of sorts, conjuring up medicine and cooking neat and new foods. 


A clear early camp memory I have is harvesting dandelion leaves and making a melted cheese to go on them.  Today you can find me making dandelion pasta, fritters, or making dandelion deviled eggs.  Recently when I was asked what plant exemplifies me I said dandelion because it is resilient, powerful, and has so much unknown and enormous abilities to heal.   I love to teach about nature's wonders and connect others with plants for they have so many gifts to offer us if we only listen.  I had however become very disconnected from myself and nature for years.  I was living a toxic lifestyle in New York City resulting in a host of digestive and irritable bowel issues.  In 2013 a radical shift happened with a life-changing experience. 

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    Why work with Melanie?

She uses her background in: 
         Plant medicine
         Vagus Nerve Stimulation
         Diet and Nutrition
         Mind-Body Work to bring you a holistic package for true health and wellness!


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    Benefits as a result of improved digestion:

        Improved sleep and mood
        Improved hair and skin
        Improved energy, focus, attention, and memory
        Improved awareness and knowledge of foods to eat and avoid
        Relief of gas, bloating, and discomfort, experience a better quality of life with more joy and
        Learn how to make quick nutritious meals that make you feel good.


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What 1:1 clients are saying

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Enjoying Nature

Melanie taught me how to cook more nutritious food, but she also helped me to take better care of my whole self. She gently and intuitively guided me toward better choices nutritionally and in my day to day living.


- Ann, Centennial, Colorado


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