Connect to your roots.

Connect to nature.

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Meet Melanie 

Root 2 Rise Wellness grew from my desire to help people live meaningful lives in connection with the natural world. I am a certified speech and language pathologist by trade, and worked with children in public schools, clinics, and in their home for 12 years. While I love my profession, I found within myself a deep longing to learn more about medicinal plants and explore a deeper connection with the earth. So, I enrolled in a 5-month program in Israel where I began my herbalism journey.  Following this life-changing experience, I knew I had found a new direction for my life. I went on to complete several more programs and apprenticeships in herbalism and health coaching to hone my passion, knowledge and skills. 


Why Root 2 Rise Wellness?

Herbalicious Kids

We offer Herbalicious Kids class connecting kids to nature, teaching universal principles such as cooperation and respect.

Adult Wellness 

We offer workshops on a variety of topics such as Ayurveda, Digestion, Parents of Picky Eaters. and more.  Contact us                   to propose a health topic you would like more information on.

Flower Essence Therapy

Melanie works with clients individually to find balance, peace, live to their highest potential.  Breakthrough and break free.  

Plant Talk Groups

We offer monthly classes via zoom packed full of information on medicinal and edible plants.  Get connected to what's growing in your backyard, connect with like minded people worldwide and to your ancestral plant roots.  


"Melanie is an amazing teacher and I am deeply grateful for the fun adventure that her classes have taken me on.  Her passion for plants and her creative, humorous approach to teaching helped me feel comfortable to experiment and make mistakes.  Due to Melanie's inspiring guidance, I've started making my own tinctures and flower essences and I've learned how happy I feel when I go outside to harvest."

- Jackie M. Newtown, C.T.


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